Patheos: Head of Ethics Office Steps Down


Shaub is set to take a new job as senior director of ethics at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy group founded by Trevor Potter, who served as a Republican appointee to the Federal Election Commission. Shaub said he hopes to find bipartisan solutions to strengthening government ethics programs at the federal and state levels.

“In working with the current administration, it has become clear that we need to strengthen the ethics program,” he said.

The Campaign Legal Center is the right place to go to continue that work. Potter was not just an FEC appointee, he was also chief legal counsel for the Romney campaign. I’m quite certain he has no love for Donald Trump. And Gerry Hebert at the CLC does tremendous work as well. And he’s right about the need to strengthen ethics laws. The president should not be allowed to get away with things his cabinet secretaries could not do. Every one of his appointees had to meet strict standards to avoid conflicts of interest, but those laws are not enforceable against the president or vice-president. And they need to be.

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