Oshkosh Northwestern: Supreme Court shows divisions in Wisconsin redistricting case that could reshape U.S. politics


U.S. Supreme Court justices showed deep divisions Tuesday over a gerrymandering case from Wisconsin that could have far-reaching national implications.


Paul Smith of the Campaign Legal Center argued the case on behalf of the Democratic voters from Wisconsin. He told the court it was the "only institution" in America that could prevent lawmakers from drawing maps that helped themselves at the expense of voters.

“Politicians are never going to fix gerrymandering," he said. "They like gerrymandering.”

The map for the Wisconsin Assembly, he said, "is so extreme that it effectively nullifies democracy."

The center, based in Washington, D.C., hopes to curb partisan gerrymandering by both sides. Some Republicans — including Schwarzenegger, U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — are siding with the Wisconsin Democrats.

”I say it is time to say hasta la vista to gerrymandering and it is time to terminate gerrymandering," Schwarzenegger said on the plaza outside the court.

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