Opinion: Florida Is Trying To Silence Me With A Poll Tax

Tampa Bay Times

Now the Florida Legislature moved to approve a bill last week that prevents people with past convictions from voting until they pay all restitution, fines and fees. I’m concerned that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will sign it into law. This is personal. If Florida legislators get their way, I won’t be able to vote until 2031. For me, it’s a poll tax. I served my time and am working to pay off my fees, and I don’t think that should prevent me from voting. After being incarcerated, I lost everything. I came out of prison with nothing but my son’s clothing and had to start from scratch. So why should I lose the ability to vote too? If this bill becomes law, I won’t be able to vote for 12 more years, and the progress made by Amendment 4 could go unrealized.

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