Northern Nevada HOPES Raises Awareness Restoring Ex-Felons’ Voting Rights

Northern Nevada HOPES on Tuesday hosted a Campaign Legal Center’s press conference on Restore Your Vote, a program that will help reinstate the voting rights of individuals with felony convictions.

The Restore Your Vote campaign’s goal is to raise visibility and awareness of former convicted felons’ access to vote. This campaign supports restoring these citizens’ right to vote in conjunction with the American Civil Rights Liberty Union, lawyers, and local resources.

Rita Greggio, an attorney in the Medical-Legal Partnership at Northern Nevada HOPES and speaker at yesterday’s event, clarified the issue: “It’s terribly difficult to be a felon in Nevada. Some fairly small crimes that aren’t felonies in other states can be considered felonies in Nevada.”

Anthony Risota, moderator and organizer for the Restore Your Vote conference, spoke on the education efforts this campaign is offering.

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