North Dakota asks judge to dismiss tribe's voter ID lawsuit

Associated Press

North Dakota has asked a federal judge to dismiss a Native American tribe’s lawsuit challenging the state’s voter identification requirements, saying in part that tribal members named in the complaint weren’t impeded from voting on Election Day.

The attorney general’s office in a Monday filing also argued that the state is immune from such lawsuits in U.S. District Court and that the Spirit Lake Sioux tribe doesn’t have standing to sue for several reasons, including that it’s unclear how the tribe might be affected by the inability of any members to vote.


The Spirit Lake lawsuit, filed with the help of the Native American Rights Fund and the Campaign Legal Center, alleges that the state’s 911 residential street addressing system is “characterized by disarray, errors, confusion, and missing or conflicting addresses” on reservations. It seeks to have the residential address requirement ruled unconstitutional as it applies to Native American voters.

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