Newsworks: Is paying your opponent to get out of the race legal?


Just how much trouble could U. S. Rep. Bob Brady be in if he ushered his opponent out of a race five years ago? Plenty, say experts in election law, because of the way it allegedly happened.


Two national election law experts I spoke to said pretty much the same thing. Adav Noti, Senior Director of the Campaign Legal Center and a former senior attorney for the Federal Election Commission and Noah Bookbinder, executive director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.


Both said there's evidence of campaign finance law violations here. The amount Brady is alleged to have committed to this, $90,000 is way over the limit one candidate committee can donate to another, which is $4,000.

Besides that, there's evidence the contributions were routed through other parties, which is a big no-no, and they weren't reported as required on campaign finance reports.

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