NBC News: Member of Trump’s Vote Fraud Panel Wanted to Exclude Democrats


A member of President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission argued that including Democrats, “mainstream Republicans” and certain academics on the panel would "guarantee its failure," an email disclosed late Tuesday shows.

The redacted email, sent on Feb. 22 and obtained by the Campaign Legal Center via a Freedom of Information Act Request, was forwarded to Attorney General Jeff Sessions by a Justice Department official. It was sent by a Heritage Foundation employee later revealed to be commission member Hans von Spakovsky, who expressed deep dissatisfaction with Vice President Mike Pence's plans for the panel.


In a news release, the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group in Washington, said the email adds “to the mounting evidence that the commission has no interest in true bipartisanship or an open discussion of how to solve the real problems in our elections.”

“This commission has no meaningful bipartisan credentials," said Trevor Potter, the fund's president, "and its purpose is based on false charges of voter fraud that have already been repeatedly disproven.”

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