MTV: To Suspend or End a Campaign, That is the Question


In 2016, an election year in which the Republican race may not be decided until the convention, this reason for keeping a campaign alive, if only in the most technical manner, makes a lot more sense. The “possibility of resurrecting a suspended candidacy” may still be less than great, but as Larry Noble, general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, says, “We’ve never had an election like this before.”

Candidates who suspend their campaigns are usually gone for good, only existing as long as they have debt to pay off. Noble says that they might have to take a closer look at the issue, however, if the boundaries between candidates and super PACs continue getting murkier. Before announcing his candidacy, Jeb Bush fundraised with Right to Rise, the super PAC supporting his then-nonexistent campaign; other candidates no longer in the race did the same. The FEC, currently unable to do much of anything thanks to it being composed of two Democrats and two Republicans who often disagree along neat party lines, hasn’t said that this type of coordination is a problem.

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