Moyers & Company: The IRS Says No Tax Write-off for Democratic Host Committee Donations


 “Really, the official convention committee is supposed to be responsible for the costs of the convention and the host committee was supposed to be just a way to allow local leaders to promote local interests,” says Brendan Fisher, an attorney with the Campaign Legal Center. The watchdog group last week issued a white paper pointing out that under the law, corporations are barred from funding conventions.

The Campaign Legal Center is underwhelmed. “Both the donors and [the Convention and Visitors Bureau Foundation] are going to have to be very careful about how they make the contributions, how they spend the money. If the purpose of the contribution is ultimately to buy access and influence, or intended to spend on the political convention, then they shouldn’t be taking a charitable deduction,” says the CLC’s Fisher. “Overall, this is not within the spirit of the law. It’s incredibly difficult to describe these donations as charitable.”

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