Local Effort Works to Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Felons

NPR Knoxville

Maurice Clark still had another five years of before he could get his voting rights restored. So the Knoxville resident did the next best thing: he began helping other ex-felons get their voting rights restored. Clark regained his right to cast a ballot in 2009 and continues to help other ex-felons now. “It felt good to be able to go back in that booth and exercise that right, and it felt good to inspire others to say ‘Hey, if Maurice is doing it, I can do it,’” said Clark.  He told his story at a press conference Wednesday aimed at raising awareness to the estimated 421,000 Tennesseans who have lost their voting rights because of felony convictions. The event was held by the Campaign Legal Center as a part of their statewide campaign “Restore Your Vote.”

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