The Latest: GOP retains control of Ohio House, Senate

Associated Press

Republicans have retained their supermajority in the Ohio House, despite Democrats’ hopes that strong candidates and national momentum would help them cut into GOP legislative majorities.

With nearly all races called, House Republicans had secured at least 64 of 99 House seats, more than the 60 votes needed to flex powers like overriding vetoes and more easily placing constitutional amendments before voters.

A federal judge has ordered a county elections board in Ohio to deliver absentee ballot applications and ballots to two jail inmates named in a lawsuit seeking emergency ballots for Ohioans in police custody through Election Day. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by three voting rights groups on behalf of two Montgomery County Jail inmates. The Campaign Legal Center, MacArthur Justice Center and Demos requested officials statewide be required to notify detainees of their rights to submit absentee ballots. The lawsuit argues recently jailed inmates are denied their constitutional right to vote because they’re in custody with no voting options.

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