The Inquirer: The FBI says Bob Brady and Marjorie Margolies conspired to violate election laws. Why weren't they charged?


The assertion by the FBI agent was stark: As part of a scheme to conceal illegal campaign contributions, Marjorie Margolies in 2014 falsely reported a nearly $25,000 donation funneled through her personal bank account as a loan to her congressional campaign.


Adav Noti, a former federal prosecutor and lawyer with the Federal Election Commission, said candidates facing investigations into their campaigns typically argue that they stay at arm’s length from their staff: “I don’t micromanage that stuff. My campaign people do what they do and I trust them to do it.”

“Hard to make that [argument] when you’re receiving and cutting personal checks,” said Noti, now senior director of trial litigation at the Campaign Legal Center in Washington.


Noti, of the Campaign Legal Center, said that “usually with these sorts of shifting-money-around schemes, it’s usually because the treasurer has been embezzling.”

“I can’t think of one where the candidate was allegedly personally involved,” he said.

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