INDY Week: North Carolinians Blast Lawmakers Over Redistricting: "Whoever Drew this Map Certainly was Coloring Outside the Lines"


Dozens of people packed into seven public hearings across the state last night to weigh in on North Carolina's proposed maps for nearly thirty legislative districts, and they were not pleased.


According to a recent analysis by the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, the new redistricting plan will give a substantial boost to Republicans: "I conclude that both the Proposed House Plan and the Proposed Senate Plan will likely provide a large and durable advantage to Republican voters and candidates in the coming two elections," wrote Ruth Greenwood, Campaign's senior legal counsel. "Assuming a statewide uniform swing in the vote, in order for there to be a Republican majority in the House, Republicans will only need a statewide vote of 45.7%. By contrast, a Democratic statewide vote share of 54.8% will be needed to secure a Democratic majority in the House. This is asymmetrical, and evidences a severe bias in favor of Republican voters."

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