Illinois News Network: New poll shows most voters want lawmakers removed from redistricting process


A new poll released this week shows voters really want to take politicians out of the map-drawing business. 

Less than a month before the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments about a Wisconsin gerrymandering case that could put Illinois' maps in legal jeopardy, a poll conducted for the Campaign Legal Center shows 71 percent of likely voters supported a set of rules that determine when a state's legislative maps are in violation of the Constitution. 

"The poll helps validate that the court really should step in and put some limits on this," said Gerry Hebert, director of Voting Rights and Redistricting at the Campaign Legal Center.

He said people supported the reforms even if it hurts their party.

"Voters said that, even if it costs their party seats in the legislature as a result of having a test for extreme gerrymandering, it was worth it to preserve our democracy," he said. 

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