The Hufftington Post House GOP’s Blueprint To Gut Ethics Office Looks Like It Was Copied From Azerbaijan Scandal


“The people that spoke out in the Republican conference [against OCE] were all those who had run-ins, and I say that accurately, with OCE, and all have ethical issues,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director with the Campaign Legal Center. “That they are the aggrieved is kind of laughable."...

Congress created this mess by not granting the OCE subpoena powers from the start, McGehee argued. During an investigation, lawmakers typically hire lawyers, who then tell them they don’t have to cooperate with the watchdog. As a result, the OCE ends up treating the lawmakers as hostile witnesses.

McGehee called this week’s assault on the OCE the “diciest” one to date, adding that “it’s clear OCE is going to be under siege” moving forward.

“Draining the swamp is more powerful than even the politicians realize,” she said. “They often think they can control their own message, but when you start making moves that look like they are for your own benefit, the public will in fact respond.”

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