HuffPost: Federal Judge Blocks New Texas Voter ID Law


A federal court on Wednesday struck down a new Texas voter ID law that was meant to fix a previous law that was determined to be intentionally discriminatory.

In June, Texas adopted a voter ID law, called SB 5, which was meant to serve as a remedy to Texas’ 2011 voter ID law, SB14, that a federal judge had blocked, ruling it was passed with the intent to discriminate against black and Latino voters. The initial law was challenged over the types of identification the state allowed voters to use, a list that included a handgun permit but not a student ID.


“It doesn’t matter how many times the state tries to dress the law in sheep’s clothing ― its intent is to discriminate and prevent hundreds of thousands of eligible voters from casting ballots. Now, Texas must return to nondiscriminatory ID practices in voting, which do not require photo ID.”

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