Huffington Post: Democrats Used Twitter, Too, To Coordinate With Outside Groups

"The decoder key seems critical to understand what was on the Twitter feed," Paul S. Ryan, a lawyer at the campaign finance watchdog Campaign Legal Center, said. "Arguably their lawyers might say all of the information was made available on the Twitter feed." ...
Ryan argued that the lack of a public decoder key on the Republican accounts indicated there was behind-the-scenes sharing of the key.

But he also said, "Both instances are worth investigation." The Democratic Party's inclusion of a decoder key, he said, "doesn't mean conversations didn't occur" between outside groups and the party providing the information. ...

"Both the information about the Republican Party Twitter feed and Democratic Party Twitter feed makes clear the Supreme Court was either disingenuous or naive that all of this money would be spent in a meaningful way that is separate from the candidates and parties," Ryan said.

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