For First Time, US Supreme Court Arguments Broadcast Live

If the Supreme Court decides to “unbind” electors from the vote of their state a few months before a presidential election, there could be chaos, according to Paul Smith and Adav Noti from the Campaign Legal Center, which advocates for participation in the democratic process and filed a friend of the court brief on the side of Washington. A number of issues surround the electors, including the fact that they are not subject to anti-corruption laws. Smith and Noti argued that the 538 electors could theoretically take unlimited contributions from national and foreign interests before swinging an election, as there will not be enough time to update corruption laws, throwing US democracy into question. “If voters believe their ‘legitimate votes’ are irrelevant because the election will actually be decided later by individuals they have never heard of and certainly do not intend to vote for, the voters will feel – and will in fact be – disenfranchised,” they wrote.

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