Financial Times: Trumps keep controversy in the family


In the long history of White House scandals, this is the first to begin with a pop song called “Amor”. Emin Agalarov, a Russian pop singer, came to the US in 2012 in search of greater fame. While in Los Angeles, he recorded a music video with the then Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. On the back of this friendship, Emin’s billionaire father Aras Agalarov decided to stump up some of the money for the next Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. The emails and conversations with Don Jr are now likely to become part of the investigation by Robert Mueller, the justice department special counsel, into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to influence the election. “His going forward [with the meeting] based on the email has him soliciting a foreign national contribution because that is offering him information that is either from Russia or coming from a foreign national,” said Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center.

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