Final Polls In Missouri Senate Race Show Claire McCaskill Surging In Key Contest For Democrats


New polls show that the race for Missouri’s Senate seat is incredibly close, with Democrat Claire McCaskill tied with Republican Josh Hawley. The pair has been locked in a tight race that has gained national attention as the incumbent McCaskill has criticized her own party and accused her opponent of “potentially illegal” behavior. Now, according to the Washington Examiner, the race will be a bitter fight to the finish line.

A Missouri Scout poll conducted November 1 and 2 shows Hawley with 47 percent of the vote and McCaskill with 47 percent as well. The numbers echo a recently completed Fox News poll, which shows the pair tied at 45 percent each. The poll, which was taken while President Trump appeared in the state to hold a rally for Hawley, showed that Hawley was up by 12 points in Columbia.

“The idea that Hawley would turn over his attorney general’s office to D.C. campaign consultants strikes me as very problematic,” Brendan Fischer, director of the Campaign Legal Center’s federal reform program, told the Kansas City Star.

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