Did Pete Buttigieg Get Hidden Campaign Support From a Real-Estate Developer?

The American Prospect

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has stuck with a more traditional fundraising structure in his presidential bid than rivals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He accepts small donations and individual donations, but he also has high-dollar fundraisers, uses fundraising bundlers who package campaign contributions from their contacts, and accepts money from super PACs. Erin Chlopak, director of finance strategy of the Campaign Legal Center, explained that if a company employee is spending time on campaign work, there are some factual questions about how much of his or her time was spent on the campaign, but if the corporation is “paying that employee’s salary and that time is being used on the campaign then it would be a corporate contribution and not lawful.” Chlopak added, “If the employee was doing it on their lunch break, that would be different.”

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