Delegation for 8.21.18 — Insights from the Beltway to the Sunshine State

Florida Politics Blog

Former members of Congress who continue to spend leftover campaign funds long after leaving office will have a while longer to do so. Last week, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) announced they would not begin to go after those former officials until sometime in 2019.

The FEC pledged to act after an investigation by Tampa Bay Times and 10 News/WTSP called "Zombie Campaigns".  An FEC spokeswoman said the 2019 date was the target all along, claiming the original date was a mistake. Watchdogs aren't buying it. "I don't see any reason why the FEC needs to wait another six months to begin doing what it should have been doing all along," said Adav Noti, senior director of the Campaign Legal Center and a former FEC attorney.

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