The Daily Northwestern: Panelists Discuss Effects of Partisan Gerrymandering On Free, Fair Elections

The panel, which focused on problems with gerrymandering and how these problems will affect upcoming elections, was moderated by Illinois political reform activist Cynthia Canary and Cliff Kelley, a WVON talk radio host and political commentator. The event, held in Lutkin Hall, was co-sponsored by the Democratic Party of Evanston and Northwestern College Democrats.


The current problem with gerrymandering — the manipulation of district boundaries to favor a political party in an election — is the worst it has been in modern history, said Ruth Greenwood of the Campaign Legal Center during a panel on campus Sunday. “Parties have found new ways to manipulate the lines to their advantage,” Greenwood said. “People in power don’t want to give up their power so it’s really tough to make  change .”

Greenwood is representing the affected voters in the Wisconsin and North Carolina gerrymandering cases pending before the Supreme Court. She sat on a panel to discuss gerrymandering’s effect on upcoming elections, along with Alden Loury, director of research and evaluation at the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council; Andy Kang, legal director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago; and Clinton Anderson, a 2016 Democratic candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly.

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