Daily Mail: Trump's $107 million inauguration party spent $560,000 on 'promotional gifts' and steered $26 million to new event firm started by an adviser to Melania


President Donald Trump's inauguration may have drawn fewer people than President Obama's, but his parties cost twice as much – including expenses on 'promotional gifts' that topped $500,000. Trump's inaugural committee released an amended 990 form filed with the feds that reveals new details about the $107 million, multi-day affair funded by some of the nation's biggest corporations. Including in the filing is information revealing a $26 million payment to a firm created just a month before Trump took the oath of office and was inaugurated.


'It is uncertain why Trump's inaugural committee paid nearly $26 million to a newly-created firm with close ties to the Trump  family,  and paid $25 million to the same event planning firm that did the job for $5 million in 2008,' said Brendan Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center. 

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