The Daily Caller: Legal Group Files Complaint Against Pro-Doug Jones Super PAC For Concealing Donor Identities


A super PAC that supported Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election in December misled the public about the identity of its contributors, a complaint filed Monday with the Federal Election Commission charges.


“The reason that this scheme is so problematic is because Highway 31 gamed the reporting schedule to keep voters in the dark about the sources of its funding until after election day,” CLC attorney Brendan Fischer told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The CLC’s complaint questions why out-of-state media consulting firms trusted Highway 31 enough to extend the group millions of dollars in credit within days of its founding and despite the fact it had appeared to have raised no money.

“For some reason, these Washington D.C.-based vendors were willing to extend this newly-created committee, that had not raised a penny, $1.2 million in credit,” Fischer told TheDCNF.

Highway 31 began paying off its $1.2 million debt the same day it received a $1.2 million contribution from Senate Majority PAC, which just so happened to occur just two days after filing its only pre-election report.

“The effect of that is that voters didn’t know who was funding this group until well after election day,” Fischer said.


Fischer told TheDCNF that he has faith the notoriously-deadlocked FEC will be able to resolve the clear discrepancy.

“Even if the FEC takes its time on some of these other matters, I would expect they would at least try to resolve this one and get Highway 31 to correct their report or get Priorities USA to correct their report,” Fischer said.

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