The Daily Beast: You Could End Up Paying for Donald Trump’s Terrible Campaign. Literally.


“Presidential campaigns generally try to separate themselves from their businesses. What he is doing is unprecedented,” said Larry Noble, general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center. “Using all of your companies to provide services to your campaign—whether it’s illegal or not, that’s questionable… if he’s doing this to enrich himself, it is illegal.”

“If he’s overpaying for that, he’s helping subsidize the company. If he’s underpaying for that, the company is subsidizing him,” Noble said. “That’s why most campaigns stay away from doing this.”

“There are rules about the use of campaign funds for businesses and the use of business funds for campaigns, and this involves all those rules,” Noble said. “It raises the question of whether the campaign really exists to benefit the Trump brand and Trump businesses. And when he’s making decisions, whether he is more concerned about his brands or his campaign.”

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