The Daily Beast: Ousted DNC Chair's Challenger Out for Blood


Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center said conversations like that could raise red flags at the FEC. National party committees don’t typically take sides in primaries, so the rules governing their activity don’t get much attention. But Noble said the parties are still subject to $5000 contribution limits to anyone running in a House primary. That includes in-kind contributions of goods and services, like lending staffers’ time. And if DNC staffers did enough favors for Wasserman Schultz’s campaign that surpassed $5000 in value, it’s possible they broke the law. That would be a question for the FEC to answer.

“If it’s an in kind contribution, it would be subject to the same limits,” Noble said. “They’re subject to a contribution limit, so if they gave in kind contributions to her in excess of the contribution limit, then that could be a violation.”

“There’s a valid issue there,” he added.

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