Daily Beast: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist-Owned Pad Was GOP Fundraising Hub


The lobbyist-owned townhouse that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt rented for relatively small nightly sums also served as a hub for Republican lawmakers hoping to raise money for their congressional campaigns.


“Nothing says ‘the swamp’ like corporate lobbyists holding high-dollar fundraisers in a luxury Capitol Hill condo,” said Brendan Fischer, the director of federal reform programs at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit ethics group. “The fact that a senior member of the administration is staying in a lobbyist’s fundraiser den when he isn’t flying first class on the taxpayer dime might say something about President Trump’s commitment to his ‘Drain the Swamp’ pledge.”


Pruitt was out of town for some of the events, and might not have even known they were taking place. But Fischer insists that that’s almost beside the point.

“Even if that is true,” he said, “the fact that fundraisers were a common occurrence is a reminder that Pruitt was getting a sweet deal on a luxury condo from a couple whose job is influence-peddling.”

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