The Courier-Journal: Campaign finance groups: McConnell in "sneak" attack

Four campaign finance watchdog organizations - Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, Democracy 21 and Public Citizen - sent letters to senators on Monday saying that McConnell wanted to end limits on coordinated expenditures by the political parties.

The groups said McConnell intended "to sneak a revision in the campaign finance laws into an omnibus appropriations bill."

"Senator McConnell has spent years filibustering and blocking campaign finance bills, including the DISCLOSE Act and the Electronic Filing legislation, from being voted on by the Senate," the groups wrote. "He is now trying to rewrite the campaign finance law by burying a provision in omnibus appropriations legislation."

"Our groups strongly oppose this indefensible effort by Senator McConnell. We strongly urge you to oppose the McConnell revision and to take whatever steps are necessary to block Senator McConnell's effort," the letter said. ...

The campaign finance groups claim that a McConnell amendment essentially would allow the parties to spend any amount on their candidates without that spending counting against the coordination limits.

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