Congress unlikely to stop super PACs from hiding donors


House Democrats are planning a major ethics and campaign-finance reform push in early 2019, but lawmakers appear unlikely to halt a growing trend among big-money groups of hiding their donors.

Sixty-nine super PACs, which can raise unlimited sums of money but are supposed to tell the public who donated it, delayed or avoided making those disclosures during the 2018 midterms.


A Campaign Legal Center analysis also found that many of the super PACs that formed at the last minute were bankrolled by other super PACs, LLCs, anonymous groups that don’t have to disclose their funders, or big donors who cut checks of at least $100,000.

For the most part, the tactics appear to be legal and have drawn little scrutiny from the FEC. But watchdogs say such moves keep the public from understanding who is influencing elections.

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