The Columbus Dispatch: Campaign watchdog questions nonprofit that backs Kasich


Tuesday is also the day that Kasich is expected to declare that he is running for president, and the Campaign Legal Center, a Washington, D.C. campaign watchdog, said it is worried that the ad may violate laws aimed at limiting contributions to presidential campaigns.

According to campaign law, says Paul Ryan of the Campaign Legal Center, “any candidate or any entity directly or indirectly established or financed by the candidate cannot spend any money in connection with the federal election unless it is raised under the federal candidate limit.” The current limit is $2,700 for a primary election, $2,700 for a general election limit.

Bush, Ryan said, “did the same thing.” The Campaign Legal Center later filed a complaint.

Similarly, he said, “the Campaign Legal Center will take a hard look at Gov. Kasich and these ads to determine whether they will violate federal law,” he said. “If so, we will likely file a complaint.”

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