College of Charleston Political Science Convocation: Money in Politics


On November 1, 2016, CLC President Trevor Potter delivered this speech at the College of Charleston's Annual Political Science Convocation regarding the issues of big money in politics.

Thank you, Jordan, for that very kind introduction. And for those of you who were hoping that I was secretly Stephen Colbert, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m afraid you’re stuck with the non-funny one.
It is truly wonderful to be at the College of Charleston this week, and I am particularly honored to be asked to speak at this year’s Political Science Convocation. It’s fortuitous that the College is holding this event this week. Because, as you may just have noticed, we are one week away from a presidential election. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this campaign, it’s that the electorate is bitterly divided. It seems there is almost nothing that the parties and candidates can agree on. The economy, national security, taxes, groping... You name it, the political parties are fighting about it...