CNN Money: Clinton's Facebook Page Says 'Sign up'; Trump's Says 'Shop Now'


Selling T-shirts for $20 a piece isn't going to make Trump rich. It's actually illegal for Trump to profit personally from those sales, says Brendan Fischer, a lawyer and campaign finance expert at the The Campaign Legal Center.

"A candidate can sell merchandise to raise funds for the campaign," explains Fischer. "It is illegal to use campaign funds for personal use or benefit."

Instead of profits, Fischer thinks what Trump is probably doing on his Facebook page is trying to recruit small donors. Anyone who buys a shirt or hat is donating to Trump's campaign. Thus Trump not only gets the benefit of having more people walking around with "Make America Great Again!" stuff, he also gets to tout that he has a lot of average Joes backing him.

It's notable that official Trump shirts start at $20 while official Clinton shirts start at $30.

"There likely isn't much profit for the campaign," says Fischer.

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