CNN: Legal? Yes. Ethical? Meh. Our Flimsy Campaign Finance and Lobbying Laws


Here are just a few ways candidates, elected officials, their allies and outside groups make a joke of the current disclosure laws, as spelled out to CNN by Brendan Fischer, director of federal and FEC reform programs at the nonpartisan, nonprofit Campaign Legal Center.




The Campaign Legal Center recently filed a complaint about the move, which was justified in the eyes of the former Trump staffers by the fact that they had never been paid by the campaign and so, were not bound by the rule. Fischer's argument here is that there is "no volunteer exemption" and, in any case, the spirit of the rule is pretty clearly broken when "somebody can join the campaign for just long enough to learn about its strategies and needs and then use that strategic information to make sure a super PAC's ads are going to be of the maximum benefit to the campaign."


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