CNBC: Trump spent nearly $1 million on swag: You should see what his properties got


Typically most campaigns will go out of their way to avoid mingling funds. But Trump has defied convention over and over. "Starting with announcing his candidacy in the lobby of one of his buildings, Trump's campaign has heavily relied upon Trump's business resources, including by utilizing Trump employees, office space and airplanes." said Lawrence Noble, general counsel of The Campaign Legal Center, "While his campaign's FEC reports show that the campaign is paying for the use of Trump resources, it is impossible to tell at this point whether they are carefully following the campaign finance rules."

Noble, who served as general counsel of the Federal Election Commission for 13 years said the difficulty in intermingling a campaign with a candidate's business without raising legal issues is one of the reasons why most presidential candidate's attempt to separate themselves from their business interests when running. "Trump has clearly gone in the opposite direction."

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