Center for Public Integrity: Did this shady pro-Bernie Sanders super PAC just dupe James Bond?


“The risk of donors being duped is very high,” said Paul S. Ryan, an attorney at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, which supports stricter campaign finance regulations.

At the extreme, Ryan added, super PAC operators may legally use the money they raise “to buy a yacht and sail off into the sunset.”


Ryan, the lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center, for one, thinks the FEC should be concerned by Americans Socially United’s activities.

“It seems like the violations are quite clear,” Ryan said, adding that Peterson “strikes me as Exhibit A” for why the naming rules are on the books.

“This guy sounds like someone who’s shown a tendency to rip people off in the past, has violated laws in the past and would seemingly have the capacity to dupe Bernie Sanders supporters out of their contributions,” Ryan said.

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