CBS News: 2016 Presidential Fundraising: What's in a Name?


"What he's trying to do is maximize his money and maximize the amount of money he can take in from individual contributors," Lawrence Noble, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center and a former FEC general counsel, told CBS News. ...

"If Jeb Bush is successful at it and gets away with it, we may see more" candidates starting their own super PACs, Noble said.

"If they're flying to Iowa and meeting with people who are known, whose real interest is in funding a presidential campaign, if they're meeting with potential campaign officials, if they're trying to woo campaign staff, and that's who they're meeting with...then that should all be testing the waters money," he said, referring to a presidential exploratory committee or testing-the-waters committee that can be used to raise money to road-test a presidential announcement. ...

"It would depend on the facts," Noble said, calling the FEC "notoriously weak" when it comes to candidates pushing the boundaries of what they can legally do.

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