Business Insider: Stormy Daniels and Robert Mueller Are Putting Trump's Businesses Under More Fire Than Ever Before


Meanwhile, Trump's company is receiving renewed scrutiny over its dealings in India and an episode involving a Panamanian hotel owner that recently turned into a lengthy standoff.

"The Mueller subpoena of the Trump Organization and the potential discovery in the Stormy Daniels case and the Maryland and DC emoluments case do present Trump and his family businesses with the greatest challenge to their efforts to hide their business affairs from public scrutiny during his presidency," Larry Noble, the senior director and general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, told Business Insider.

Noble said that interest in the president's business and potential conflicts of interest was highest early in his presidency because "the issue was new to many."

"But what we could find out was largely limited to what he was willing to say, which was little, and the press could determine," he said. "Now, Trump is facing demands for information in legal proceedings, which are not as easy to evade, and for which there are penalties for lying. The stakes for him are now much higher and the chances of us learning the truth about his business dealings are greater."

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