Business Insider: Amazon Filed an Under-the-Radar Protest Hinting That It's Ready for a Battle With Trump Over a Multibillion-Dollar Contract


Amazon Web Services filed a protest this week that indicates it would contest any meddling by President Donald Trump into a coming Pentagon contract.

Amazon Web Services filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office on Tuesday to contest the awarding of a military contract to Google. The contract, worth less than $25 million, would provide West Point with Google's G Suite Enterprise. Amazon protested the awarding of the contract, claiming the bidding process was unfair because West Point specified the use of the Google product in its task order.


"Depending on the facts and what happens going forward, I think he may have at least given Amazon a possible basis upon which to challenge the award of the contract, if they don't get it," Larry Noble, the senior director and general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, told Business Insider. "Amazon has rights in the bidding process, and he should not take steps to interfere. He has already raised an appearance issue by his constant attacks on the Amazon."

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