The Buffalo News: Collins' troubles could deepen, after report he touted biotech firm to colleagues


Asked about the reports that Collins had touted Innate to his colleagues, Meredith McGehee, strategic adviser at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, said it appears Collins has had difficulty transitioning from the businessman he used to be to the public servant he is now.

Collins' personal financial disclosure form indicates his net worth could be as much as $66 million, so McGehee said Collins obviously didn't tout Innate because he needed the money.

Instead, she speculated that he did it because, as a businessman, he was accustomed to getting excited about money-making possibilities.

"This is a guy who is rich, who is used to bragging around the community" about his business ventures, McGehee said. "That being said, it seems clear when you look at this, that he kind of has not done a good job of understanding his role has changed."

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