Broadcasting & Cable: FCC Asked to Review Neil Gorsuch Ads


The Campaign Legal Center has asked the FCC to review ads from the Judicial Crisis Network pushing for the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court justice.

CLC says that JCN incorrectly labeled the ads nonpolitical and that instead they should have been subject to FCC disclosure rules that apply to “a message relating to any political matter of national importance.”

"The JCN ads indisputably meet this standard," said CLC. 

CLC points out that the Communications Act requires the disclosure of specific information when such a standard is met, information the JCN ads were lacking, it said...

But CLC has a bone to pick with broadcasters also. “Broadcasters have an obligation to ensure voters have relevant information about who is attempting to influence their views," said Brendan Fischer, director of federal and FEC reform at CLC, in a statement. "By broadcasters accepting at face value Judicial Crisis Network’s claims that their ads did not pertain to any ‘political matter of national importance,’ the public was deprived of the important information that federal law and regulations require." 

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