Bloomberg: Liberal Group Files FEC Complaint Over Pro-Bush Super-PAC Contributions


Some see it differently. Paul S. Ryan, a lawyer with the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center, noted that federal law prohibits groups from making donations in the name of others and said there should be red flags when LLCs are created just before making large campaign donation. Tread Standard was formed in Delaware in April, just a month and a half before making a $150,000 gift to Right to Rise.

Ryan also thinks its unlikely the complaint will go anywhere, thanks to the politically gridlocked FEC. He pointed to a complaint his group made during the 2012 presidential election over a $1 million donation that W Spann LLC made shortly after being created to a super-PAC backing Mitt Romney. Edward Conard, a former colleague of Romney’s at Bain Capital, came forward as the mystery donor after the complaint was filed. The FEC still hasn't investigated, Ryan said.

"That gives you some insight into how dysfunctional the FEC is," Ryan said. "And that itself is a scandal: That the FEC is not enforcing its own laws during the cycle."

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