Bloomberg BNA: Nearly Half of Recent Campaign Money From Undisclosed Sources


The Campaign Legal Center (CLC), which supports stronger disclosure rules, criticized the CCP study. The argument that money from undisclosed sources is insignificant in recent elections is an “alternative fact,” CLC’s Brendan Fischer said in a blog post,

“Dark money—that is, election-related spending whose donors are kept secret from voters—continues to play a major and troubling role in U.S. elections,” Fischer said.

This spending gained in significance due to Supreme Court decisions rolling back restrictions on campaign money and weak rules and enforcement by the FEC, he said.

The original sources of all money seeking to influence campaigns should be disclosed so that voters can understand and assess who is providing that money and what interests they may have before candidates and officials, Fischer said.

“The public has a right to know who’s trying to influence campaigns,” he said.

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