The American Prospect: Rick Perry's Broke Campaign and Our Broken System


Others are skeptical about the super PAC’s ability to toe the line. “The assumption I think, by the super PAC and the Perry campaign, is that the super PAC is going to do what the campaign did,” says Larry Noble, senior counsel for the Campaign Legal Center and a former general counsel for the FEC. “How they’re going to do that without coordinating is hard to see. Everyone just assumes they will be in communication.”


“I don’t think there’s any precedent,” says Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center. He, like many other FEC-watchers, is fairly certain that the FEC won’t take any action on this latest expansion of super-PAC power. And if Opportunity and Freedom successfully brings Perry to the top of the GOP heap while his campaign is on life support, it will set a new benchmark for how campaigns are run. “The history of campaign-finance law is when the bar is lowered and they get away with it,” Noble says. “Everybody starts feeling like they need to be doing it.”


“If this becomes the new norm,” Noble says, “that’s the end of contribution limits.” 

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