ABC News: Fact-Checking Donald Trump's First Remarks as Republican Nominee


Trump made this aside after dismissing the idea that he would even want Ted Cruz’s endorsement. In Trump’s supposition, he is a first-term president, and he is setting up a super PAC to attack Cruz, who is running against him.

This would likely be impossible for a president to do, said Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center. Candidates are not allowed to establish their own super PACs under current regulations.

The only way Trump could do it is if he were not running for re-election. It’s possible that Trump would not have begun his re-election campaign yet, but he can become a candidate by engaging in political activity, and establishing a PAC to attack an opponent for office would likely be considered such activity.

But candidates get around super PAC rules quite frequently, as evidenced by the volume of complaints that campaign-finance reformers (like the Campaign Legal Center) file against them every year with the Federal Election Commission.

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