U.S. Senate: Letter from CLC et al. Supporting DISCLOSE Act of 2012


A letter to the Senators written by the Campaign Legal Center, Alliance for a Just Society, Americans for Campaign Reform, Brennan Center for Justice, Center for Media and Democracy, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Citizen Works, Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending, Coffee Party USA, Common Cause, Corporate Ethics International/ Business Ethics Network, Credo Action Network, Democracy 21, Democracy for America, Dēmos, Free Speech for People, Greenpeace, Harrington Investments, Inc., Heartland Democracy, League of Women Voters, Main Street Alliance, MapLight, Michigan Campaign Finance Network, National People’s Action, New Progressive Alliance, NC Center for Voter Education, Ohio Citizen’s Action Money & Politics Project, People For the American Way, Public Citizen, Sunlight Foundation, Trillium Asset Management, LLC, Union of Concerned Scientists, United Republic, Walden Asset Management, a division of Boston Trust & InvestmentManagement, WV Citizen Action Group, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Wolf-PAC, and Zevin Asset Management, LLC. The organizations support S. 2219, the DISCLOSE Act 2012, sponsored by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. They also argue that the legislation would provide the public with basic information about campaign expenditures made by outside groups that are influencing federal elections and the donors financing these expenditures. The legislation would also provide timely disclosure by Super PACs and require outside groups which make campaign expenditures to take responsibility for their campaign ads.