Super PAC Coordination Raises Corruption Concerns


"As a condition of being permitted to accept unlimited contributions and money from corporations, super PACs are legally barred from coordinating with candidates, yet many appear to flout this restriction. Super PACs are often organized and run by close associates of a candidate, and staffers rotate between the candidate’s campaign and super PAC. Candidates appear, speak, and fundraise at super PAC events, where attendees might be justifiably astounded to learn that the group sponsoring the event was legally required to remain independent from the candidate. ...These troubling developments are the result of deregulatory court decisions and the fact that since Citizens United, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has apparently never found that a candidate or political party illegally coordinated with an independent-expenditure-only group, despite ample evidence of such coordination."

— CLC Director for Federal Reform Saurav Ghosh, writing in "The Guardian" newsletter for Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL)