Sign-On Letter in Opposition to AL HB 209

CLC and the Southern Poverty Law Center Action Fund (“SPLC Action Fund”) co-authored a sign-on letter in opposition to Alabama’s HB 209, a bill that would criminalize many aspects of absentee voting in Alabama. HB 209 likely violates multiple federal laws and would be unconstitutional if passed. It would harm the tens of thousands of lawfully registered and eligible voters in this state who rely on assistance in receiving absentee ballot applications or absentee ballots. HB 209 will create what is effectively a total ban on voting for many individuals within Alabama’s jails and prisons, will bar voter engagement organizations from exercising their First Amendment rights, and will prevent voters with disabilities from casting their ballots. Finally, it would be one of the most punitive and administratively burdensome restrictions on absentee ballot application, distribution, and pre-filling in the country. In addition to CLC and SPLC Action Fund, 27 other organizations and individuals signed onto this letter.