Request for Proposal: Podcast Production Studio

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is seeking a contractor to produce the fourth season of the organization’s award-winning show, Democracy Decoded. The contractor should be able to assist in all stages of season’s development, production, dissemination and promotion. CLC is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a qualified source to provide these services.

First published in the spring of 2022, Democracy Decoded is a season-based narrative-style podcast that explores a variety of topics related to democracy reform. The first season focused on campaign finance, the second on voting rights and the third on democracy at the state and local level. Host Simone Leeper interviews a variety of guests from policy experts to everyday citizens in order to communicate about CLC’s work to a wide audience and make complex topics regarding the forces fueling our elections more accessible to the average person.

Proposals may be emailed to [email protected]. Full details in the document below.