Illinois Liberty PAC v. Madigan: Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Amici Brief of CLC et al. in Opposition to Illinois Liberty PAC's Motion for Injunction

Court Level
Seventh Circuit

Amicus brief for Seventh Circuit Court written by the Campaign Legal Center, Chicago Appleseed and Illinois Campaign for Political Reform in opposition to Plaintiffs’-Appellants’ Motion for Injunction, pending appeal or to expedite the full hearing. CLC argues that the Appellants have failed to show a reasonable likelihood of success on the merits. Appellants have failed to show that they are suffering any irreparable harm. Furthermore, importantly, appellants have failed to demonstrate that an injunction would not harm the public interest. Any urgency to appellants’ request for emergency injunctive relief is the result of appellants’ own delay in bringing this legal challenge, waiting until the election was imminent before seeking an injunction.